InAcoustics provides a wide range of design and consulting services in Acoustics and Vibrations including Architectural Acoustics, Electroacoustics, and Noise and Vibration Control, either in new or existing buildings, as well as industrial sites or the urban environment. Working in a wide range of markets, our services respond to the necessities of modern society in the field of interaction between sound, spaces and people.






InAcoustics’ activities cover different sectors, with specific services to each one. With the ISO 9001:2015 certification we provide a quality assurance, coupled with in-depth knowledge of the behavior of sound and vibration. As examples of some of the services provided to our customers, we highlight:

  • Conducting acoustic conditioning projects of buildings, from theaters or concert halls to schools, housing and other buildings, resulting in a vast experience in work of different degrees of complexity;
  • The provision of consultancy services for the technological development of new products in the area of Acoustics and Vibrations as well as research and technology transfer activities to support companies;
  • The realization of projects of noise control and vibration control for the industry;
  • The development, marketing and assistance of software and specialized equipment in Acoustics;
  • Conducting acoustic tests, from environmental noise measurements and building tests to assess compliance with legal requirements up to the assessment of noise exposure of workers in industry;
  • Conducting noise maps of industries and urban agglomerates in order to measure population exposure to noise;
  • The development of sound impact studies of new road, rail and aerial infrastructures, of future or existing facilities;
  • Technical assistance and inspection of noise and vibration control in construction.


One of the most important applications of Acoustics in our daily lives, in the context of Acoustical Engineering, is that of controlling sound in a two-sided antagonistic perspectives: That of eliminating or attenuating its negatives effects and that of enhancing its potential, shaping it to the spaces and environments that surround us.

The services of InAcoustic focus particularly in the subjects within Acoustics with bigger impact in the activities of human beings. From the complex design of acoustically conditions concert halls and housing facilities to noise control in industry and the environment, our activities is aimed always at benefiting the relationship between quality and cost in all the projects we collaborate with.

Our services includes also conducting acoustics measurements in rooms, buildings and environmental noise, the sound source identification by means of beam-forming techniques (360 Acoustic-Camera) and, in specific conditions, the implementation of constructive solutions for noise control and acoustic conditioning.


Of the various services associated with design, consultancy or testing the following stand out: Projects for acoustic conditioning of concert halls, theaters, cinemas, conference halls, auditoriums, music schools, recording studios as well as common buildings as museums, libraries, schools, hospitals and health centers, housing, sports halls and facilities for commerce and services. The services involved in these projects include:

  • Calculation of the noise caused by distributed system os AC and ventilation;
  • Numerical simulations of the acoustical behavior of rooms using the software CATT-Acoustic;
  • Numerical simulations of sound insulation in buildings using the software SONarchitect;
  • Simulation of the behaviour of materials and acoustic solutions using the software INSUL and ZORBA.


We conduct projects of noise control in industrial facilities of large, medium and small dimensions using experimental and numerical characterizations:

  • Constructing Noise maps through the software CADNA-A;
  • Experimental characterization by measurements of the sound pressure levels (SPL);
  • Experimental identification of sound sources through beam-forming techniques, i.e. 360 degrees acoustic-camera.


Noise generates a particular discomfort in society, being the cause for inumerable complaints and court cases and it is also in the genesis of health problems in humans. Evaluating, quantifying and identifying noise sources and its impact on the population is one of the purposes of Environmental Acoustics. In this field, InAcoustics provides a variety of services:

  • Studies on the environmental impact and its acoustic component (noise from wind turbines, industrial infrastructures, road, trains and airplanes);
  • Drawing noise maps in urban and industrial areas as well as strategic noise planning for municipalities for the fulfillmentof the national and international directives;
  • Scaling and designing of acoustic barriers for transport infrastructures;
  • Consultancy in Acoustics and Vibration with audits to building and industrial facilities, accompaniment of construction or projects and the definition of goals with specific requirements in Acoustics.


In the design optimization process as in the actual construction or in the final assessment of the acoustic behavior of finalized constructions, InAcoustics conducts acoustic and vibration testing based on the most recent methodologies normalized nationally and internationally, namely:


  • Detailed acoustic characterization of halls (Monaural and Binaural acoustical parameters);
  • Speech Intelligibility;
  • Evaluation of the isolation to percussive and aerial noise;
  • Evaluation of noise and vibration levels in interior compartments;
  • Sound visualization of reflections in rooms using beam-forming techniques, i.e. with an Acoustic-Camera (see video)


  • Evaluation of environmental noise levels;
  • Evaluation of vibration levels;
  • Evaluation of the performance of acoustic barriers.


  • Measurement of sound absorption coefficients;
  • Measurements of diffusion coefficients;
  • Measurement of sound power of equipment;
  • Evaluation of the acoustic characteristics of sound systems.


Aside from design projects we also implement building solutions for the resolution of complex problems of noise and vibration control.

In this situations, where the need for a prior guarantee of performance is the main demand from the client, InAcoustics assumes the responsibility of the study and simultaneous implementation of construction solutions. With the collaboration of selected partners, InAcoustics proposes optimized solutions that satisfy both the legal criteria and the comfort demands requested by the client.

This type of service is destined essentially to Industry, where high noise levels, both in the interior and those radiated to the exterior, are the origin of a failure to comply to the legal requirements.


Vibrations are one of the most complex physical phenomena, because of its propagative nature, in particular through solid mediums. Besides being able to cause discomfort they are many times the cause for mechanical failures in various equipment, even in some cases leading to their collapse.

Despite being common in industry, affecting equipment and workers to the point of creating serious health issues, they are many times also in close proximity to housing facilities, from a variety of sources: means of transport like subways and  trains, explosions in quarries, mines and rotational equipment of large and small scale.

The activity of InAcoustics in this field of work involves not only measuring and monitoring but also the simulation and detailed identification of the mechanisms for generating and propagating noise, as well as the scaling of anti-vibratic solutions in buildings, industry and transport.

Of the various services associated with monitoring, analysis and control of vibrations, the following are highlighted:

  • Scaling of solution for anti-vibration control of critical equipment;
  • Experimental and operational modal analysis in structures of large and small scale and the identification of sources and systems of vibration;
  • Monitoring of dynamic equipment for the prediction of failure and risk assessment.
  • Numerical simulations via finite element methods (modal analysis) and modal overlap for analysis in the temporal domain;
  • Analysis of the fluid-structure interaction for the control of vibro-acoustic instabilities and the identification of noise and vibration induced by the motion of fluids;
  • Structural and vibro-acoustic numerical optimization for the development of shapes and solutions that meet the specific requirements.


One of the difficulties of dealing with acoustical phenomena lies in the human’s incapacity to visualize sound.

Only recently has technology and scientific knowledge permitted the construction of microphone arrays and cameras that, associated with computational algorithms, allowed for this visualization in an adapted manner as to aid practical applications in a professional context. InAcoustics is proud to have one of the few equipment in the world that creates this visualization in 360º, allowing the clear identification of problems associated with noise and Acoustics in general. Applications range from detecting noise problems to developing three-dimensional audio / video content for virtual reality:

  • Detection of sound isolation losses in partitions;
  • Recognition of the source of parasitic noise in vehicles and equipment;
  • Identification of problematic noise sources in industrial environments, both indoors and outdoors;
  • Recording of 360º videos with realistic acoustic envelopment and visualization with a Virtual Reality headset;
  • Identification of sound reflections in spaces, in slow motion video with 4000 fps.

In the process of searching for calculation tools to facilitate the design process, considering all the essential components of the design of the acoustical treatment of spaces and the sound insulation of buildings, InAcoustics adopted CATT-Acoustic software and SONarchitect ISO.

Currently, InAcoustics is the representative and distributor of CATT-Acoustic, INSUL, ZORBA software in Brazil and SONarchitect ISO software in Portugal, Brazil and all Portuguese-speaking countries.


The design of space-sounding facilities is still dominated by companies that supply electroacoustic equipment.

The dimensioning of this type of installations becomes efficient only when the acoustics of the space in which they are installed is properly considered. InAcoustics conducts studies, consulting and sound design projects in the most diverse audio and video installations, pondering its integration into the acoustics and aesthetics of the space.

In this way, and independently of any brand, are found the most appropriate solutions to the project objectives and the client’s budget.

Of the electroacoustic services can be highlighted the projects of sound installations in buildings or open spaces, such as:

  • Showrooms that host amplified music, theater or dance events;
  • Churches, where the intelligibility of speech has to be consistent with typically unfavorable acoustic conditions;
  • Conference rooms where not only the optimization of speech intelligibility is required but also special installations of simultaneous translation, audio recording and video projection, among others;
  • Passenger transport stations and shopping centers where, due to the high number of users, there is a need to transmit emergency messages that are immediately perceived;
  • Sports venues where emergency warnings are important, as well as all messages intended to be broadcast to the public.


The provision of this type of services has been expanding both for companies and institutions of higher education and scientific research, where the needs for equipment or components of optimized acoustic or vibration control is more and more pressing.

Among the services provided under Research & Development programs, the following are highlighted:

  • Provision of consultancy services in technological development activities for innovation or support to innovation in the development of products, processes or systems in companies that produce acoustic solutions and anti-vibration materials, additionally, in companies that produce any materials or goods that require optimization in relation to its production of noise or vibrations;
  • Provision of technological assistance services, intellectual and industrial property, use of standards and certification services;
  • The carrying out of research projects in services or products of companies specialized in acoustics or vibrations, which need significant performance improvements;
  • Technology transfer services from R & D activities to the market, particularly the know-how, from the initial idea to the marketing and sale of the product, in support of the companies that intend to manufacture and market them;


We work actively in support services for research and acquisition of patents and the preparation of processes for the protection of intellectual or industrial property, as well as the identification of differentiating opportunities in the development of products or services.
In addition to the integral development of the product we provide support to companies in conducting tests and obtaining certifications for the recognition and characterization of their products.


  • Development of studies, diagnoses, audits and services or engineering projects, associated to investment projects of companies;
  • Provision of human resources training services in companies that do not have sufficient knowledge about Acoustics and Vibrations to develop their projects;
  • Software development associated with applications that companies need for their business;
  • Conducting studies and simulations to verify compliance with acoustic and vibratory performance criteria according to national and international standards.


As a project company with a high level of expertise, InAcoustics recognizes the key product, systems and software development needs of the Acoustics market.

At the request of partner companies or for the needs inherent in the preparation of projects, InAcoustics conducts, coordinates or accompanies research and development projects. Some of the work done include:

  • Development and study of the characteristics of acoustic conditioning materials based on impedance tube measurements;
  • Development of simulation software for acoustic phenomena based on the Finite Difference Time Domain (FDTD) method;
  • Analysis of the in situ acoustic behavior of road acoustic barriers;
  • Development of diffusion and sound dispersion systems for use in theaters and recording studios;
  • Study of acoustic behavior of road pavements.