InAcoustics is a multidisciplinary project and consulting company, exclusively dedicated to Acoustical Engineering and Vibrations.

Founded in 2004, InAcoustics operates within the diverse areas of Acoustics and Vibrations, providing design, consultancy, testing, research and technological development services, covering the construction, arts and media, industry, transportation, and technology markets.

Originating in Maia, in the district of Porto, Portugal, InAcoustics has throughout the years expanded its area of operation and currently keeps a permanent presence also in Lisbon (Portugal), São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro (Brazil), which has led to the development of studies, consulting and projects not only in Portugal, but worldwide, namely in Spain, France, Italy, Greece, Germany, USA, Brazil, Norway, Angola, Mozambique, Cameroon and Qatar.

The diversity of projects InAcoustics is involved in, from concert halls, theatres, hospitals, museums, schools and industries, to product development support for specialized applications, provides a multitude of experiences that combine to create the strength of the services it provides.

These experiences are a result from the ability to adapt to different markets, teams, legal frameworks and alternative construction methods, but mostly the outcome of our customers’ trust and the sense of security we are able to give them. This trust allows us an ongoing collaboration with both national and international reference architects, renowned engineering companies and industries of all kinds.


To respond efficiently to the challenges posed by customers, InAcoustics relies on the deep knowledge of its team of professionals on the acoustic and vibratory phenomena, from both theoretical and experimental points of view.

We believe that our high degree of specialization is our greatest ally, providing us with the advantages widely recognized by our customers. The focus on updating our knowledge, together with constant experimentation, are the tools that allow us to be more efficient in meeting our goals.

From the simplest to the most complex projects, we strive to find the best solutions for the specific needs of each one in accordance with the requirements and expectations of our customers, seeking to create excellence in sound environments, improving or preserving the sonic landscapes that surround us.

Since 2007, we have our Quality Management System certified by APCER/IQNET, fulfilling the requirements of the NP EN ISO 9001:2015 standard for the development of projects and Engineering studies in the fields of Acoustics and Vibrations.

Every year we invest in the renewal of this certification, demonstrating our commitment to the continuous improvement of the performance and quality standard that we offer our clients, employees and all stakeholders involved in our work.


Being at the forefront of technology is a necessary condition for success in the competitive world we live in. It is for this reason that InAcoustics invests in calculation tools and measurement equipment which, together with the knowledge of the physical phenomena involved, ensure reliable results that support the decision-making process.

For the different project stages, InAcoustics relies on commercially available numerical simulation software, such as SONarchitect for building acoustics, INSUL and ZORBA for materials’ numerical characterization, CADNA-A for environmental noise and CATT-Acoustic and DDA for room acoustics and electroacoustics analysis, among others.

Additionally, when there’s a need for more complex acoustic and vibratory phenomena simulation, we develop our own proprietary software that allows us to find those answers that are more difficult to get and require greater computational effort.

Our experimental activity is crucial for the validation process of our calculation methods and verification of building solutions quality.

For this purpose, we use equipment that spans from omnidirectional sound sources, percussion sources, CESVA accelerometers and sound level meter, BWSA-tech microphones and impedance tube, NTI analysers and WinMLS software.


A solid, qualified and demanding team is fundamental for the assessment of needs and to find the most efficient solutions to each specific problem.

Dealing with Acoustics of a space requires a particular sensitivity to the demands and needs of users, within varying degrees of complexity.

Apart from the technical demands of each project, it is essential to understand the more detailed requirements of musicians on a stage and the audience in a concert hall, as well as the comfort needs of a restaurant’s clients or a factory’s employees.

It is for this very reason that all technical members at InAcoustics have a solid background in Acoustics and Music, with Engineering or Architecture as the basis, which grants them a particular sensitivity to the influence that sound has on human life and a deep knowledge of the most appropriate ways of dealing with it.